I Have Always Wanted Opal Hair

Ever since Ellie Goulding had her hair that beautiful pink opal color I dreamed about forgetting everything I know about the upkeep of such a trendy color and just going for it. After working at an award winning salon surrounded by talented hair stylists who were always itching to try out a new technique or color on someone from the team I am shockingly never took that plunge (although my pretty hip Nana did color her hair purple at one point).

I spoke to a hair stylist from Changes Salon and Day Spa, Lindsey about what you should know before you decide to join the #OpalHair trend.

One of the things you can expect is needing to book more frequent visits to the salon if you want to keep this trendy look up. Lindsey explains”Opal hair is not permanent, and will fade out between 5-10 washes, depending on color. This is great for those looking to test out a new hair trend without the commitment.”

Another thing you should expect is that you may need to invest in new hair products to protect that beautiful color. Lindsey recommended a few products from Kevin Murphy, an eco friendly line that I am also a huge fan of!

This blog was originally written for the Changes Salon and Day Spa blog. read the full post here.

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Hair by Hair Stylist at Changes Salon Lindsey

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