After meeting Lillian in the parking lot of Markham Park (this adorable park nestled into a community of homes in Concord that could easily be missed if you didn’t know what you were looking for) I could instantly tell we were going to vibe! This was my first session solo – I usually have the help of one of my creative friends there to help assist with posing and all the stuff that comes up in a session you don’t necessarily plan for.

Because I was shooting solo I had gone earlier in the day to scope out the exact locations I wanted to shoot at – I had about 6 spots within the park I knew would be the perfect locations. We started at the spot that drew me to this park in the first place.. there was a little stump that had been carved out to make a seat nestled right in a bunch of pink flowers next to a creek. It certainly did not feel like we were in a park in downtown Concord.

We made it to 3 out of the 6 spots I had planed to shoot in, which is better than not having enough inspiration at a location! Working with Lillian, an aspiring model was so easy, she was funny, kind and took direction like a PRO! She even got right in the middle of a flower bush to get the shot we both had been dreaming of. The best part of a photo session is when you hit it off when your subject, it makes capturing their personality that much easier! 

If you have a session coming up – my best advice for you would be to scope out your location ahead of time so that you come prepared with locations and shots for your model. The second piece of advice I have for you is to just be yourself, make your model comfortable, ask them questions to get to know them and their style as you are setting up your shots so you can capture THEM!

Lilian Lee in Markham Park Concord Ca

Review From Lillian Lee

“I had the chance to collaborate with Felicia in June and I’m very happy I did! She was able to handle all the set up and plan out before the photoshoot session. Throughout our collab session, she helped me feel very comfortable in my posing and gave me some really good ideas. She is very friendly, professional and polite. She directed the photoshoot perfectly and manage to capture from all angles. You can feel that she was genuinely trying to get good shot and the location she picked on was very on point with what we wanted to shoot for the day. If you’re thinking of finding a photographer in the Bay Area, I would 100% urge you to book her! Thank you Felicia!”

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Lillian Lee Magic Hour Markham Park