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How We Worked On This Project

Felicia is the Social Media Strategist for  Changes Salon & Day Spa so, when the award winning Walnut Creek business decided they wanted to redesign their website and asked for our help we said “Heck Ya!” Fun Fact: Felicia worked her way up from the front desk at Changes to the Assistant Manager and when she left to work for the Real Estate Staging Association as their Chief Buzz Creator and focus on her own family business Changes was her first paying client!

Changes felt their current website did not represent the talent of their award winning team and leading up to their 35th anniversary they wanted a fresh look for their brand. Felicia worked alongside Bonnie Waters the CEO and her in-house marketing team to develop a vibe that would transition well between both their spa and hair worlds.  We pulled stock images, fonts and color schemes that represented the Changes brand while giving it an updated vibe. Felicia was able to implement the new look while developing the new Changes website. Our team also created an SEO strategy that we are working to implement.

We couldn’t do it all on our own! The Changes in-house marketing team assisted Felicia by taking in house photos of their amenities and treatment rooms, they also helped with the websites verbiage.

Felicia continues to collaborate with the Changes Team to develop content that can be used to refresh their website appropriately. 

How Long Did This Project Take?

Felicia was already working with the Changes Team on their marketing efforts both online and in print, together they had been developing ideas for about 4 months before Felicia got to work on developing the new website. From the time our team stated to develop the website until it was finished (with a few revisions in between) it took about a year. Felicia was in a unique position with this project being that we also managed the Changes Salon & Day Spa’s social media, email marketing and updated their current website during major holidays so our time was split between multiple creative projects. 

Each website redesign is unique – contact us about your specific needs for a better ETA.

What is your process for a website re-design project?

Because each website re-design project is unique we always start by offering a free one page assessment of what we would recommend visually to update your website, and how long we expect that to take.

If you would like a more through analysis we would ask for backend access to your current website and would provide a two page report on how to best redesign your website for a fee of $50. If you decide to move forward with us that $50 would be applied towards your re-design fee.

We can be as involved as working with you to write content for your website to just facilitating an editor and/or SEO analysts for text you provide. We can help you with photography needs or you can provide your own photos to which you own the rights.

If you are interested in working with Fekicia contact us for a free assessment.

Can you help me manage my site once it's done?

Absolutely! Managing your website and keeping it up to date with fresh content is how you can stay relevant on Google Searches. Felicia and the POP Buzz Creator Team offers training sessions if you want to be able to update the basics; like your blog or add content to your home page, if you are wanting to do anything more than that we always recommend having the pros get involved. POP Buzz Creator can also manage your website for a monthly fee or per update. 

You mentioned Social Media Management..

POP Buzz Creator stated it’s business by managing social media platforms for local and national businesses as a way to help them increase Buzz in their local markets. We can provide you with a social media calendar with suggestions on content for you to create and schedule, or we can create the content along with/for you, schedule and manage growth. We have experience with all major networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, Youtube ect.

And Blogging?

Yes! We offer blogging services as well! Keeping your website up to date with fresh content is key to ranking on search platforms like google. One way to update your page on a regular basis is by providing quality content on blogs that benefit readers of your ideal clientele.  POP Buzz Creator works with content writers to develop blogs that will add value to your website. So you’ve got some one on site who writes but just needs help with keyword selection and adding the finish piece to your websites blog, we can do that too! Reach out for more details on how we can help you with your websites blog.

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