Creating Content
Collaborating With Anchor Fit 4 Life On a Series Of Videos

Rachell decided she wanted to talk about her journey with fitness, health and motivation (sometimes even the lack of it!) in the hopes that others would feel inspired to make change in their lives. Rachell at one point was very overweight, unhappy and plain right unhealthy and she has gone from a size 20 to a size 4. Rachell understands that it isn’t just about the number on the scale but about about the bigger picture.. true happiness!

Buzz Creator listened to Rachell’s story, and helped her come up a series of videos to tell her story. Buzz Creator has already created an intro video for Anchor Fit 4 Life & has more content anxiously buzzing around waiting to be shown!


Buzz Creator shoot a series of lifestyle photos  to help create a Buzz for Rachell and Anchor Fit 4 Life.